Introducing the Good Surfer newsletter

As a hobby, I often go down into deep rabbit holes of the Internet. I believe that this has led me to, not only learn the most important things that I know but also, discover what I love doing.

In this newsletter, I’ll describe such journeys as they happen and tell you what I found. Along the way, I’ll try to answer the question “How to surf the Internet to find good, motivating stuff?”  — by walking you through a cool surfing story of mine that taught me an important lesson.

My focus is on delivering something that has a long half-life rather than what is hot right now. So don't expect the latest fad, tech or news pieces in your inbox.

It’ll be a collection of high quality personal essays, blogs and micro-blogs, publications, communities of inspired people, interviews, newsletters, podcasts, videos or any kind of web content that is moved me.

“Develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity and strive to become a little wiser every day.”
 — Charlie Munger

I will only send you an email when I think I have something that is absolutely worth sending.

So hey, feel free to subscribe - your inboxes won't get cluttered!

Why should you care?

You know how you always hear wise people speak of the importance of being well-read? I believe that you can be well-read by simply using the content over the Internet!

Isn’t that convenient?!

If we can somehow just tap into that vast ocean, the Internet can enable us to:

  • discover ourselves — search for what we love doing, find motivation to learn something new, be inspired and just be “around” people whom we admire (and even get admired back by them!)

  • be aware of the world — and I’m not simply talking about your daily news. I am talking about having an informed opinion about the direction in which the world is moving: the longer trends, the major global problems as they emerge, and the up-and-coming technologies.

  • push the boundaries of our physical whereabouts — be able to get inspired by and shape our opinions based what some of the smartest people alive on the planet are saying.

But it is the vastness of the ocean that makes it so difficult to use the Internet this way. Daunting, even!

I want to make it easier with this newsletter.